Professional Knowledge

The teams at Biofin have strong expertise in the biomass energy fuel market and keep up to date with every new development and change.

Whether these are legal changes, market opportunities, distribution challenges or political agendas, the Biofin teams will be able to provide information and advice on how any of these changes will affect both specific projects and general business.

Many of the members of our team have worked in the energy and heating industries for many years, and can provide input through professional knowledge on present and future plans.

Full Cycle Care

The real benefit of working with Biofin is the level of services that it can provide across the sourcing, logistics , warehousing, packing and retail marketing.

The energy market is a complicated and difficult one to navigate, but Biofin will provide the information and methods necessary to succeed, as well as the economies-of-scale that allow well-established and well-connected companies like Biofin to secure better prices and options.

Biomass is avolatile market, with sourcing, legal and logistical issues at every turn and the need of balancing cost with quality to secure long-lasting relationships.

Personal and Interactive

The teams will also go beyond sheer commercial options and will also be more than happy to share their financial and cost-effectiveness suggestions. Working together interactively with clients to find the best possible solution for them means that every client will receive personal and relevant information to help them make decisions. Another skillset considered to be vital at Biofin is the ability to work with changing conditions and requirements. The flexibility in process, thinking, method and execution within the teams is beyond any doubt .The ability to pivot, adapt and continue succeeding is entirely necessary in the modern, fast-moving context, and so these skills are actively encouraged and developed by our company.