At Biofin, we choose our partner organisations very carefully making sure that we are constantly creating long-term partnerships that are environmentally viable. We find that a relationship-led approach to commercial interests provides us with a far better understanding of our partners, and the solutions and options that they can offer to our clients. Biofin intends to maintain these commercial and personnal relationships over the long-term. A company is only as good as its suppliers, partners and components, and Biofin ensures that there is no weak chain anywhere in the process. Our partners are not just in the biomass market – our relationships extend to the logistic and storage sectors as well, to make sure that we can provide turn-key solutions across an entire biomass fuel project, from conception to completion.

Wherever we source our biomass partners, a major concern is to ensure that these partners comply with all the possible European Standards that apply, as well as making sure that our partners are aligned ton ours values and expectations of professionalism from their staff and teams. The focus is not just on meeting general standards, but using this as a starting point.